Quant Analysis: $SRPT

I like biotech stocks because of their asymmetrical risk and volatility. $SRPT – Biotech maker of, among other things, an experimental treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). In short, a frameshift mutation on the X chromosome causes the disease, characterized by muscle degeneration and premature death in boys, usually before their 25th birthday. SRPT’s treatment, Eteplirsen, triggers excision of exon 51 […]

Now what?

As predicted, yesterday, HERE, I suggested that Yellen would (1) hike 25bps, (2) she would assure markets that no schedule for subsequent hikes exists, but more importantly, (3) she would be less dovish than the market expected. A range of recent labor market indicators, including ongoing job gains and declining unemployment, shows further improvement and confirms that […]

Ready, set…Hike?

Will she or wont she? 81.4%, down just a touch from yesterday’s 83.3% say, ‘she will.’ When conviction is super high, trades get crowded and markets get one-sided. Um, remember the 5+ sigma move in EUR/USD post Draghi’s disappointment, last week? One-sided markets offer great opportunities for asymmetrical risk. Before we highlight potential asymmetrical risk trades, […]