Final Update: Euro Futures Trading

One final update on the Euro Futures trend analysis from last weekend. No important new take aways on the main analysis found here: The below graph charts when highs and lows occurred during each trading day in the month of October. Broadly speaking, highs were more frequently found between 7:45pm and 10:30pm as well as […]

Euro Futures Analysis: October 2015

I spent some time this weekend analyzing the Euro futures market during October 2015. Here are some takeaways: Price Action The ultimate inspiration for this whole analysis was to become more efficient in trading Euro, both in time and capital exposure. Historically, I’ve watched intraday Euro moves non-stop from about 6am through 7pm. From 7pm until about 12am, I check-in […]

Euro Short Update

11/5/2015 Update: Overnight, we had some expected and some unexpected poor data from the Euro Zone. The expected data came from the ECB’s downgrade to growth and inflation expectations for the Euro Zone. Growth was downgraded to 1.8% from 1.9% and 2017 inflation expectations were cut from 1.5% to 1.0%. This is the typical segway to ramping […]